The Launch Path

Getting from a startup idea to a launch-ready venture.

Resources for Readers

For readers of The Launch Path here are a collection of resources, as mentioned in the book.

Also, here is a collection of free (and nearly-free) tools that every startup founder should know about.

Chapter 1:

Chapter 1: TLP Canvas.
You can download a PDF of a blank Launch Path Canvas, or make a copy of this Google Sheet, and you can see this Fitaco example canvas.


Here is a list of 9,000 VC firms, as well as a glossary of startup financing terms, anatomy of a term sheet, an a list of startup fundraising resources.


Here are some resources for pitch decks and building your presentation skills.


Here are some good competitive research tools, and here is an example of the Fitaco competitive landscape.


Here is the economic model for Fitaco, as discussed in the book, and here is one that you can copy for your own startup, with further instructions in Chapter 5.


. Here is a blank funnel, and here is a persona card.

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